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Monday, June 9, 2014

winter is here, and so am i

June is here, the beginning of the winter months. It was only a few years ago that I could not stand the cold, and a bikini and sunshine were my best friend, but I feel that with age I have grown to love the cooler months and their fashions. 

This was a blog that I started up back in 2009, and now that I am in a good place in my life again I felt that it was an appropriate time to delete the old blog entries and start with something refreshing and new. So here it is, my new blog to accompany my new (or should I say improved) self. 

I hope to post photos of the things that I love and find inspirational, mostly fashion and design orientated. I also hope that this will give me enough motivation to start taking photos again and writing. Let's cross our fingers for some art work as well!

So, here is to new beginnings, and the knowledge that better things are always around the corner. 


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